Off Piggy Island: A Look Into The Game

In the last post, i introduced my new game ‘Off Piggy Island’. This post is a book showing some of the levels and features of this fictional game.

Off Piggy Island Game Book

Cover of the book. Starting out with 3 eggs, 4 Hals, 1 Break Bird and 11 Bomb Birds.
off piggy island page 1

The Hal Level
Here, Hal is shown fired from the slingshot over the balloons and boomeranging from the back to get the pig. The writing says “Before 5”, meaning this is before level 5.
off piggy island page 2

Level 9
Level 9 is where Half Bird has to get a pig on a stage covered in balloons.
off piggy island page 3

Green Terrence Level
On level 10, it looks like Green Terrence has the spinning power.
off piggy island page 4

Bomb Bird Level
The slingshot is high up on a cliff. The bird must be fired over the balloons to get the pig.”199″ is erased and replaced with the number “12”.
off piggy island page 5

Break Bird Level
The slingshot in this level is placed up between many balloons. Break Bird must break the box that is protecting the pig. “999” is crossed out to say “1”.
off piggy island page 6

Thank you again for looking at my “Off Piggy Island” game book. Please see my About page to learn more about me and this website.

6 thoughts on “Off Piggy Island: A Look Into The Game

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