More Force Bird!

A couple days ago i shared my new drawings of Force Bird. Here are some more details about force bird and some of his battles.

Drawing of force bird

The text reads “Force Bird”.

This picture shows Force bird using his force on a pig in a big attack!

Drawing of big attack

The text says “Big Attack”

The following picture shows a bird fired from a slingshot in an epic battle!

Drawing of bird fire

The text says “Bird Fire”.

This next drawing is of the level in the game where the birds can race.

Drawing of bird racer

The text says “Bird Racer”.

Some history of this game: A long time ago there used to be electric slingshots but now they just use non-electric ones.

Drawing of slingshots

The text is meant to say “A long time ago there used to be an electric slingshot”.

Force bird’s “Bird Buddy” is T Bird.

Drawing of force birds bird buddy

The text says “Force Bird/ Buddy T Bird”.

Thanks as always for checking out my drawings!

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