About Planets

All of the birds in the Force Bird series, are from space. Here are some of the planets they travel to and from in their quest to defeat the evil pigs!.

Drawing of about planets

The text reads “About Planets”

Drawing of a planet
This is Hatch Planet. Many of Force Bird’s friends were hatched here.

Drawing of hatch planet

The text reads “Hatch Planet”.


Here is “Jedi Planet”. This is where the padawans go for their Jedi training.

Drawing of jedi planet

Text reads “Jedi Planet”


This is Dark Planet. Many of the most evil pigs live here.

Drawing of dark planet

The text reads “Dark Planet”


Here is Force Bird’s home planet. Here it is called Force Planet but sometimes it is called “Meeskatow”. You can see Force Bird’s house on top of the planet.

Drawing of force planet

The text reads “Force Planet”

Thanks as always for taking the time to see my drawings! There’s many more to come!


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