To Be A Jeda

On bird island, some of the birds harness a special power called “The Force”. Those who have this power train to be a “Jeda”. Here is some of what it means To Be A Jeda!

Here is Force Bird with his blue lightsaber.
Cover drawing for to be a jeda
A very important weapon against the pigs is the light saber. These special swords use crystals found deep inside the caves of Bird Island.

The following picture shows blue, green, and yellow light sabers. It shows that the crystal is found at the bottom, then the button, and the blade.

Drawing of types of lightsabers

The text says “The Light Saber, Blade, Crystal, Button”

This picture shows the different kinds of force power for the light and dark side of the force.

On the left of the picture is the dark side. They have the power to lift things, and heat force to make things very hot. They also have the electric force to shock their opponents.

The right side of the picture is the light side. The light side also has the power to lift and throw large objects with the force, but do not have heat force or electric force.
Drawing of types of power in the force

Thanks for looking at my pictures and reading my stories!

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