Birds vs. People

Here is a poster of a new Angry Birds game, Birds vs. People.
Drawing of birds vs people
Thanks for checking out my drawings, see you at the next one!

Under Bird Through The Portal

Here, we see Under Bird as he goes through a portal. On the top left he starts out normal, then he transforms into various shapes and forms until popping out the other end as good old Under Bird again!
Drawing of under bird going through a portal

Off Piggy Island: Epic

Here are some drawings from my new game based on Off Piggy Island, called “Epic”.

This game is just like the game Angry Birds Epic, but using the new birds i made up.
Drawing of Off Piggy Island Epic

The birds acquire new hats and weapons by making use of tools and elements on “Off Piggy Island”

Here they are protecting their eggs in the nest.
Drawing of Off Piggy Island Epic
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Introducing: Angry Birds “Off Piggy Island”

In a previous post i showed you some of the new birds i made up. Here, i will introduce a new Angry Birds game for these birds.

Angry Birds Off Piggy Island

“Off Piggy Island” takes us away from the normal setting of other Angry Birds games, to places outside of Piggy Island. The lead characters are my new birds: Break Bird, Bomb Bird, Green Terrence, Half Bird, and one regular Angry Bird, Hal.
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