To Be A Jeda

On bird island, some of the birds harness a special power called “The Force”. Those who have this power train to be a “Jeda”. Here is some of what it means To Be A Jeda!

Here is Force Bird with his blue lightsaber.
Cover drawing for to be a jeda
A very important weapon against the pigs is the light saber. These special swords use crystals found deep inside the caves of Bird Island.
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Force Bird’s Life

Here is my latest drawing of Force Bird. This series of pictures depicts his entire life. On the top left he is an egg, counter-clockwise from left, he becomes a padawan (jedi in training) then a young jedi, an old jedi, then on the top right he is dead. Below are more detailed drawings of each of these parts of his life.

Drawing of force birds life

The text says “Force Bird’s Life”

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