Angry Birds Odd Squad: The Birds

Last week, i introduced my new game, Angry Birds Odd Squad.

Here is a look at some of the birds that will be in the game.
Odd Squad birds The red box on the top says “Birds”. The boxes below, from left to right clockwise, are:

Invisible Bird: His power is to be invisible.
Under Bird: His power is to make it rain underwear.
Brown Bird: His power is to make trees fall on the pigs.
Half Bird: His power is to separate into pieces.

Odd Squad game buttonThis is the button you would push to take you into the game.
Thanks for looking at my bird drawings!


Introducing: Angry Birds “Off Piggy Island”

In a previous post i showed you some of the new birds i made up. Here, i will introduce a new Angry Birds game for these birds.

Angry Birds Off Piggy Island

“Off Piggy Island” takes us away from the normal setting of other Angry Birds games, to places outside of Piggy Island. The lead characters are my new birds: Break Bird, Bomb Bird, Green Terrence, Half Bird, and one regular Angry Bird, Hal.
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