Return of the Jedi Birds: Chapter 2

In a previous post, i introduced Return of the Jedi Birds. Here is chapter 2 of this series.

Drawing of The return of the jedi birds chapter 2 cover

The text says “The Return of the Jedi Birds 2”

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Return of the Jedi Birds

I really love the movie Return of the Jedi, and the Angry Birds game Angry Birds Star Wars II, so i decided to make my own series based on them.

Introducing: Return of the Jedi Birds

Drawing of the cover of return of the jedi birds

The text reads “The Return of the Jedi Birds”

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Force Bird’s Life

Here is my latest drawing of Force Bird. This series of pictures depicts his entire life. On the top left he is an egg, counter-clockwise from left, he becomes a padawan (jedi in training) then a young jedi, an old jedi, then on the top right he is dead. Below are more detailed drawings of each of these parts of his life.

Drawing of force birds life

The text says “Force Bird’s Life”

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About Force Bird

My newest bird that i drew is called Force Bird. He is strong in the force and is angry, but not too angry for the force. Force bird has his anger under control.

Force Bird

The text reads “About Force Bird”

  • Force Bird’s power is to use his invisible force against the pigs.
Drawing of force bird and his power

The text reads “Force Bird”

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