Off Piggy Island: Epic

Here are some drawings from my new game based on Off Piggy Island, called “Epic”.

This game is just like the game Angry Birds Epic, but using the new birds i made up.
Drawing of Off Piggy Island Epic

The birds acquire new hats and weapons by making use of tools and elements on “Off Piggy Island”

Here they are protecting their eggs in the nest.
Drawing of Off Piggy Island Epic
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Under Bird Orange Red

Here is a profile view of Under Bird. Under Bird’s full name is “Under Bird Orange Red”. He is drawn here from a front view, a side view, and a view from behind.

Drawing of under bird orange red

The text says “under bird orange red”

In case you didn’t already know, Under Birds power is to make underwear fall from the sky on the pigs.

Here is a picture of Under Bird Orange Red at his house.
Drawing of under bird at his house

Thanks for looking at my drawings!

Angry Birds Odd Squad: The Birds

Last week, i introduced my new game, Angry Birds Odd Squad.

Here is a look at some of the birds that will be in the game.
Odd Squad birds The red box on the top says “Birds”. The boxes below, from left to right clockwise, are:

Invisible Bird: His power is to be invisible.
Under Bird: His power is to make it rain underwear.
Brown Bird: His power is to make trees fall on the pigs.
Half Bird: His power is to separate into pieces.

Odd Squad game buttonThis is the button you would push to take you into the game.
Thanks for looking at my bird drawings!

Off Piggy Island: Months

In previous posts, i introduced my new game, Off Piggy Island, then showed you a game book with some ideas about how the levels would look.
Another part of “Off Piggy Island” is different characters each month. This post will show you some of those!


This image says The Bird Team, and shows Angry Spin Bird, Balloon Bird, and Spin Bird.
Drawing of birds
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